Copy of Wellness Workshops

Go outdoors. Get in touch with nature. Still the mind. Travel back in time to experience Hong Kong’s heritage. Bustling Hong Kong actually has a range of groups-friendly activities that help MICE delegates connect with their inner self and find inspiration in nature and history.

Tai Chi

Tai chi, a traditional form of slow-moving Chinese martial art and exercise form, serves as a great stress-relieving team-building experience that can also help improve flexibility and blood circulation. A two-hour session of wellness discussion and demonstration will help your team members focus on mindfulness, breathing and movement. It’s an exercise that even large groups of hundreds of members can do together in the city’s many pristine parks or open spaces overlooking sightseeing spots.

Tea Appreciation

The ritual and culture of tea drinking is steeped into the history and culture of the Chinese people. A Tea Appreciation Class is a perfect activity for introducing the tea-drinking merits to all members of a MICE group. Classes held at locations around the city introduce a diverse variety of tea, the proper brewing routine and tea-drinking etiquette. Participants would even learn a few words of Cantonese as they prepare a perfect cuppa.

UNESCO Geopark Tour on Boat

Take a relaxing half-day sail-by tour of Hong Kong’s UNESCO Global Geopark, an internationally significant natural sites in northeastern New Territories. Behold the stunning geological coastal landforms at Plover Cove Country Park’s dramatic “Devil’s Fist” outcrop and its wetland and mangrove habitats near Lai Chi Wo – an ancient Hakka settlement recognised by the UNESCO for its rural revitalisation and organic farming. Continue with a seafood feast on Kat O island, and round out with a group stroll around a craggy islet named Ap Chau, or “Duck Island”, so named for it duck-like shape.

Great Outdoors Hong Kong

Experience the wilder side of Hong Kong by venturing into the great outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Discover the city’s hidden gems while engaging in a multitude of fun and exhilarating activities, like hiking, pedal boating, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling and zip lining!

Fishing Heritage

Get acquainted with Hong Kong’s fishing village history through a one-hour immersive group cultural experience at the Lamma Fisherfolk’s Village — a 3,700 sq metre floating fish raft. A local fisherman will recount stories about the daily life and culture of the island’s earliest fisherfolk, how the city’s fishing industry developed and the area’s marine ecology. Visitors can board an authentic junk boat, look at an exhibition of old photographs and fishing equipment, and take part in fishing, rope weaving and salted fish-making workshops. After the tour, groups can enjoy a sumptuous Cantonese seafood feast ata nearby renowned restaurant.

Heritage Salt Pan & Hakka Culture Encounter

A 15-minute sampan ride from Sai Kung Public Pier takes your group to a revitalised 300-year-old Hakka hamlet on the scenic island of Yim Tin Tsai. Once home to a 200-strong fishing and salt farming community, it is today a destination for annual festivals celebrating local arts and culture. A range of guided experiences are on offer for parties of up to about 80 people. Join a 60-90-minute sea salt-making workshop at the Hong Kong’s only preserved UNESCO-recognised salt pans to learn how seawater forms crystal, and take it home as souvenir. Go on a circular guided island hike to visit nearby sites, including The Spring of Living Water well, with a running commentary providing fascinating insights into the island’s history and culture. For more in-depth experiences, tailored tours of up to six hours can be arranged to visit the UNESCO-honoured Saint Joseph Chapel.  

Copy of Wellness Workshops