Copy of Team Challenges

Stoke your team’s competitive spirit and build teamwork with team challenges designed to encourage problem-solving, cultivate leadership and bring together individuals to work and win together! Take them on an outdoor escapade or arrange an inspirational pursuit that will let them know more about each other outside of the office. They will return to work as enthusiastic team players enriched with once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Scavenger Hunt

This team building exercise takes teams to explore the city in “Amazing Race” style, and set the pace for your event as a motivating, high-energy occasion that helps to augment communication or strategy and planning. In a half-day or full-day challenge, teams have to apply a mix of timing and skills, and they are guided along exciting checkpoints to safely complete the journey, ensuring this is an adventure that people of all ages and abilities can master.

Try a scavenger hunt in Old Town Central. Teams are guided to all the hidden pockets and cultural gems in Hong Kong’s CBD while bonding with colleagues. Each checkpoint is a unique local attraction rich with either history, delicacies or shopping opportunities, or all of the above.

Dragon Boat Racing

Teamwork is the single most important factor for keeping a dragon boat afloat to surge past the finish line in a race. Each of the 20-22 rowers on a 10-metre-long dragon boat has to make the same effort to the beat of the drum in order to make it work, and win! Basic training is the easy part. The rest is up to every player in the team working together as one.

Building sandcastles can be much more than child play. When professionally conducted as corporate training, it can build leadership and teamwork awareness, organisation skills, process simulation, management focus on vision, as well as foster “can-do” spirit in a fun, entertaining and impactful way. Give your team a beach escape, trading keyboards for beachwork tools to create large complex structures with only sand and water, guided by trainers and facilitators. See who will earn the bragging right of “my house is better than yours”.

Wetland Conservation Workshop

The 61-hectare Hong Kong Wetland Park showcases Hong Kong’s biodiverse wetland ecosystem and highlights conservation efforts. Located in the far north of the New Territories, the park runs Outdoor Wetland Conservation Workshop for MICE groups encouraging participants to join in outdoor wetland conservation services as corporate social responsibility. Guided by the park’s staff and experienced volunteers, the three-hour workshop for 25-50 pax involves your team members in weeding, fertilising, clearing invasive exotic plants, tree planting and tree tending.

The park also has a flexible theatre space with built-in audio-visual equipment that can hold between 25 and 200 MICE guests. A nearby classroom attached to the ground floor Resource Centre seats 50 delegates.

Adventure in the Dark

Give your team a life-changing experience by navigating stimulating environments in total darkness, guided only by a cane and visually impaired guides. Your team members will develop empathy for those without sight who “see” beauty through sound, smell, touch and taste. The experience takes groups on sensory journeys of self-reflection and awareness that foster problem-solving, leadership, trust and empathy.

The Art of Team Building

Art is a valuable tool to enhance communication, leadership, fellowship and teamwork. Give your team a customised art-jamming workshop where they can create all forms of art – from sketching, acrylic and oil painting to mixed media, Chinese calligraphy or traditional ink painting. Whatever the art form, the experience will help your team learn a “universal language” and a form of expression without cultural boundaries.

Noah’s Ark Corporate Training

Noah’s Ark, the world’s first full-size replica of the biblical vessel, offers a wide range of facilities and activities to stimulate teamwork, with panoramic views of the Tsing Ma Bridge in the background. Enhance your team’s problem-solving skills and cooperation through adventurous activities such as High Event Rope Course and Challenge, Low Event Adventure Challenge, Abseiling, Wild Camping, Mountaineering, Team Tasking, Sea Adventure, Blackwood Cooking and Service Learning. Get an immersive experience making use of the hotel and restaurant next to the Ark.

Copy of Team Challenges