Copy of Cultural Experiences

Run a workshop on arts and crafts, food tasting or traditions appreciation to encourage cooperation and out-of-the-office bonding between members of a MICE group. Such team building workshops feature a local twist to immerse participants in Hong Kong culture while having loads of fun.

Wing Chun Made popular by Bruce Lee and the Ip Man movie franchise, Wing Chun is one of the most renowned Chinese martial art forms that also promotes relaxation and mindfulness. Hong Kong offers corporate events and workshops on the basic forms of Wing Chun. Fun and interactive, these classes make for a great team building and socialising occasion, with the bonus of teaching your team members how to relax and focus.

Lion Dance

A 1,000-year-old Chinese custom for celebrating traditional festivals, most notably the Chinese New Year, Lion Dance is the epitome of teamwork. This ritual for bringing harmony and prosperity requires a high degree of coordination. Everyone in the Lion Dance team has to work together to deliver a dazzling performance. Each member plays a specific role: the front and back of the mystical lion, the Happy Buddha orchestrating the dance and the drummer and percussionists setting the beat. A short intensive course will give them the basics, the rest they will need to discover by working together as a team.

Chinese Cookery Classes

Discover the techniques behind making some of Hong Kong’s favourite snacks, from pineapple bun to wife cake, dim sum and milk-tea making. Skilled instructors will impart their closely guarded cookery secrets, and participants will get to appreciate this slice of Hong Kong heritage and acquire a skill that lasts a lifetime. Your teams will find new perspectives about creative collaboration through cooking together, and will also get to know each other better while savouring what they have made together. A range of well-received cooking experiences are offered by top hotels and reputable cookery schools.

Dim Sum Candle-making

Hong Kong’s iconic dim sum can light up team spirit. We are talking about dim sum in an inedible form – scented candles. Give your team a master class in creating translucent har gao (shrimp dumplings) with wax, complete with traditional bamboo baskets. They are perfect souvenirs to take home as mementoes of a fun and engaging group activity.

Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy is a specialised traditional Chinese art form that quiets the mind. Tailor-made workshops give first-timers hands-on experience of working with calligraphy paint brushes and ink. How about running a friendly competition and give an award to the one voted as the best calligraphy work?

Great Fortune Tour

Go temple-hopping in groups and get abundant blessings at Hong Kong’s temples. Visit Che Kung Temple in Sha Tin to win blessings of good fortune from Southern Song dynasty general Che Kung, and spin the wheel of fortune at the temple three times for good luck. Man Mo Temple, a well-known declared monument in Sheung Wan, has the God of Literature (Man Cheong) and the God of War (Mo Tai) showering blessings of business success. Wong Tai Sin Temple is best known for its resident deity Master Wong Tai Sin, who is well-known for “answering all wishes”. Worshippers can also pray for prosperity and wealth at the temple’s newly opened God of Wealth Palace by pasting gold foil onto the God of Wealth gold statue. On the 1st and 15th night of every lunar month, visitors can admire enchanting lit up pavilions at this temple in Wong Tai Sin.

Copy of Cultural Experiences